Trellises, Arbors and Pergolas!

The charm and depth that happens to your yard when you add a trellis, arbor or pergola is really amazing! They’re very affordable and are so delightful! Creating a structure for plants, shrubs and vines to grow vertically is fabulous and gives so much life to a yard and compliments all the blues and aqua hues of the pool!


Below is a list of some great lattice structures we recommend as well as some links to some great DIY kits from some top named stores.


Trellises are a nice and very easy addition to your yard that gives a great little area of beauty and color to compliment you pool and spa. They are fairly inexpensive and come in many different materials including wood, vinyl and metal. They are such a fantastic and easy addition that its somewhat sad if a yard can’t have one. Though there are times when a modern structural pool may not call for the whimsical aspect of flowing plants and vines growing on a trellis.


Trellises can also be very elaborate and provide a backing to a pool area when they are placed against a large bushes or shrub areas to create an intricate textured wall for amazing climbing vines to thrive. Adding a wall of color with a trellis is fantastic and really compliments classic pools and natural pool areas.


Most trellises can easily be a DIY activity and many of them come in kits. If you are looking for a large area of lattice work then most likely we would recommend a contractor to do it for you after we design it.


Below is a list of some really great trellis items that look great and we recommend! Contact us if you want us to design a trellis into your yard and also pool and spa!



Just as a trellis is a structure made of lattice work by using wood, metal or vinyl, arbors are made up of trellises with a connecting arch on either side to provide a soothing passageway or an area to enjoy, relax or entertain. They are so magical, lush and lavish when done well and just like with the trellis, they can be very affordable and a do it yourself project!


Arbors do range in price and size and many of them are available in DIY kits just as with Trellises. We can design a arbor perfectly for you to match your yard that goes with your pool and spa! Sometimes just one arbor is enough and sometimes a vast row of connecting arbors is what is called for when a large passageway is desired on a fairly good sized property or for commercial grounds.


Here are a few links to buy some DIY kits. Don’t forget we can design your yard for you as well!


Pergolas are a wonderful feature to add to your pool and spa area. We can design an amazing one for you! They create a really magical and amazing outdoor space to use for friends and family all throughout the year! 


Pergolas basically create a seating area and passageway with posts or pillars as support for the many cross beams above. The posts and pillars can be finished in endless options and can be bare or have large encasing of stone work, cement, brick and more for a more padded look to the structure. 


The DIY aspect to Pergolas is possible and we will provide some links for you but it is recommended you design it to your area since it is a lot larger structure then a trellis and arbor and does require some fastening or cement work to the ground for stability. Pergolas can range from small areas for a slight affect to a large winding design for seating areas, relaxation with loungers and more!


We can design Pergolas to compliment your pool area and have them interact with the surface area of your pool! Or we can create a bar that uses the Pergolas as shading while connecting it with the pool. Many options and ideas with Pergolas and we are happy to design something amazing for you!

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