Swimming Pool Covers - Types, Styles and Costs!

There Swimming pool covers come in an endless amount of colors and textures as well as have several different installations available. We won’t be discussing the blue tarp as swimming pool covers have come a tremendous way from that! Below you will read about simple similar matching ground and cement colored covers to beautiful automatic sliding wood deck covers! 

Basic Pool Covers

Basic swimming pool and spa covers are a fantastic option for homeowners that only need to cover their pool for a short period of time and are not looking for a seamless and elegant look. They range in many colors, water hues, cement and pavement shades. You can buy them to match the size of your pool approximately, or they can be custom cut to match the pool perfectly if you have a geometric or even kidney/figure 8 pool. They are not very expensive and they will last a few seasons before wear starts to set in and they don’t require much effort to apply. 


They do what they were designer for, keep out leaves and debris, and a good amount of dirt while the pool is not being used or it is simply to cold outside to enjoy swimming. 


Basic pool covers are not the top tier of items to compliment your pool however. They can look cheap after a few days with wrinkles, pockets of water on their surface and can look cheap. 


Price ranges from $100-450 depending on custom fit to the pool shape.

Automatic pool covers

Modern pools also know as geometric pools can be the envisioning of anything a person can think of with budget and structural ability being the limiting factors. Pool styles can range from someone’s initials to unique attractive geometric shapes! Though infinity pools are very much modern by design, modern pools go the extra level by having almost all of the pool having a striking design if not the entire thing.


Modern pools, can be pricey since they are usually an architectural center piece. As with anything highly custom in design, price usually follows. But we are extremely familiar with pool construction so we will be able to help you attain a modern look and keep on point with price.


You can even have a side of the pool using clear glass to show below surface of the pool. You can have a full infinity edge surround the entire pool if you want. You can have an inset relief area to lounge and relax completely dry. Limits are not the standard in modern design and this applies to pool and spa as well in our thoughts!

Sliding Decks

Infinity pools have the appearance of an endlessness to their reflection and shimmer. Their edge blends with the horizon often or with the distant surrounds making a smooth and elegant mirage feeling. The infinity edge can be done in several different ways depending on the pool size, desired look you want and of course your budget. You can even have the edge slowly drape water flow over it to provide a continual soft waterfall effect.


Infinity pools are extremely beautiful and add a huge amount of elegance and true sophistication to your home or hotel. The design structure is a bit more complex with increasing the structure support to attain the raised edge, but the resulting pool that you achieve is simply stunning and magnificent.

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