Most Popular Types and Styles of Inground Swimming Pools!

There are so many different types of swimming pools that it can make your head swim when you first start out trying to decide on the style, shape and size that will be perfect for your home! Below is a list of styles to guide you and give you a better understanding of the vast amount of options out there to choose from! 


It’s good for you to narrow down to at least 2 styles that you really love and we can go from there when we start the design process! Below is a list of the most popular pools with some eye catching examples around the world for inspiration to get started!


"The Classic" also known as The Roman Pool

Classic shaped pools stem from a roman architectural heritage and evoke a graceful and refined atmosphere to a home and yard. They sit well with villas as well as Mediterranean homes! 


The fantastic thing about classic shaped pools is that you can add a great amount of color and charm to them by using custom colorful unique tiles to really set the pool off as a glistening jewel.


Entrances into Classic shaped pools can also be heightened by having pillars on either side of their entrance. Typically classic shaped pool entrances are in the center but can also be designed from other areas depending on their size. 

They are a refined and appreciated design that adds a refined elegance to their surrounds. 

Modern Swimming Pools... Also Known As Geometric Pools

Modern pools also know as geometric pools can be the envisioning of anything a person can think of with budget and structural ability being the limiting factors. Pool styles can range from someone’s initials to unique attractive geometric shapes! Though infinity pools are very much modern by design, modern pools go the extra level by having almost all of the pool having a striking design if not the entire thing.


Modern pools, can be pricey since they are usually an architectural center piece. As with anything highly custom in design, price usually follows. But we are extremely familiar with pool construction so we will be able to help you attain a modern look and keep on point with price.


You can even have a side of the pool using clear glass to show below surface of the pool. You can have a full infinity edge surround the entire pool if you want. You can have an inset relief area to lounge and relax completely dry. Limits are not the standard in modern design and this applies to pool and spa as well in our thoughts!

Infinity Swimming Pools

Infinity pools have the appearance of an endlessness to their reflection and shimmer. Their edge blends with the horizon often or with the distant surrounds making a smooth and elegant mirage feeling. The infinity edge can be done in several different ways depending on the pool size, desired look you want and of course your budget. You can even have the edge slowly drape water flow over it to provide a continual soft waterfall effect.


Infinity pools are extremely beautiful and add a huge amount of elegance and true sophistication to your home or hotel. The design structure is a bit more complex with increasing the structure support to attain the raised edge, but the resulting pool that you achieve is simply stunning and magnificent.

L Shaped Swimming Pools

L shaped pools are great for areas that are a little more tight then normal but showcase the pool well and usually follow the archectural lines of the neighboring structure of a home. They are very clean in their appearance and perfectly complement a modern home.


L Shaped pools have endless options however. Some unique features besides adding the spa to the return L portion is also adding raised steps as a feature, creating an edge that is vanishing with the horizon like an infinity pool and more. 


The size of an L Shaped pool really determines the options you can do with it. It is an excellent choice if you want a pool but also want to heighten the existing style of your home. They can appear as a cool azure reflections of crystal blues to your home’s beauty.


Kidney Shaped Swimming Pools

Kidney shaped pools are named according to their similar shape to kidney beans in that they have to main curvatures with one being slightly larger then the primary. They are very popular in settings where the landscaping has lots of trees and it makes for a natural feeling to a yard. They are not as ostentatious as some pool designs but can be elaborate with their surrounding decor, landscaping and hardscape as well as the water features added to it. When designed well and place well in a yard, they add a delightful and playful area to your life. They are charming without screaming look at me. 


Kidney / figure 8 pools started in the early 1950’s and have been used in millions of homes. They look like charming pools that have a pond characteristic. Great for people that aren’t looking to build a huge pool and just want simplicity with a little characteristic. Popular because they have two areas and each area signifies their depth with one of the using being deeper. These pools are usually more affordable, bring the charm to the yard and really fun for a family to enjoy if new to pools.


Natural, "Oasis" & "Lagoon" Swimming Pools

Natural pools, also called Oasis and Lagoon pools are free flowing pools with curved shapes that meander like a natural body of water or a hidden oasis lagoon that you would dream to find hidden in a magical spot nestled around beautiful surrounds. They are to look like something out of a dream! 


They have to be designed based on the dimensions of the landscape precisely and also artistically to create a true natural vibe and appearance. They are artistic precision.


There are so many different styles and design elements that can be added to Natural pools it can be a bit overwhelming to home owners and also at resorts and hotels. The trick is to start with a couple elements that you really love and add as needed. This will make it create itself and become alive in design.


Some amazing things to start off with when designing a natural pool is to select the type of rock features, relief areas, water feature walls and more. The entrance to the oasis pool can even have a sandy bottom appearance to add that natural lagoon look. Color of the Natural pool is also very important and we will work with you to select the most desired and alluring color.


Spools are large spas that are usually rectangular in shape andhave the size of a small pool. They are fantastic in that they blend a pool into a spa, or vice versa, by having a much larger area then a typical spa. Though they are a much increased size over a standard 7×7 or 8×8 spa, they still can retain seating areas for relaxation as well as those fantastic jets for massage and atmosphere.


Temperature of the Spool doesn’t have to be that of a normal spa, but can still be very warm. This is due to their size and in the cost to keep it at hottube temperatures. Solar power options are definitely making heating water much more affordable! Click here to see some Solar Power options!


The style, shape and depth of a spool is entirely up to you! The important thing to remember is that a spool that gets larger and larger is obviously more expensive to maintain if you want to keep it hot. The price to construct a spool gets closer to that of a pool depending on how deep you go and size.


Spools are a great solution for people that may not have the largest area to put a pool, but still want an attractive water feature on your property and a traditional spa alone would not be enough to satisfy.

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